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This weekend was the yearly Father/Daughter dance.  My girls really look forward to it each year.  You may not believe this, but I’m not that much of a dancer :).  We started the night with a nice dinner with nearby, and then off to the dance.  Well, as many (most) fathers stood off the dance floor watching all their kids dance, I was promptly dancing and sweating all night as I watched my 6 and 7 year old sing all the words to “I’m sexy and I know it” (not my favorite moment of the night).  I was sporting my TWO boutonnieres (purple and yellow for the Lakers, and blue and white for the Dodgers as it was explained to me).  They each got a wrist corsage from me that they proudly sported all night, trying so hard not to bump it.  Ego, embarrassment, and shyness all go out the window when you watch those two happy faces so proud to be there with their dad.  I can’t wait ‘til next year.

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Over the weekend the family went to the Disney Museum in the Presidio.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t grab too many photos…very strict about photographs inside… not even the GIFT SHOP!  The girls had fun seeing all of the characters and presented in a very Disney way.

Worth a visit… .

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There has always been something so intriguing about a tattoo.  But, you have to OWN it. This girl does.  She was a guest at a wedding I shot.  I don’t know that I could ever (besides, my mother would have HATED it).  If I were to ever get a tattoo (and even though my mother is no longer here, I don’t know that I could do it to her), I’m sure it would have to be Lakers related… .I don’t know, but something about me is so impressed with the confidence that this girl has in being herself.

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Work is rough, spending so much time away from my family.  The pressure to deliver at a relatively new job is also great.  But commuting 110 miles per day is simply debilitating.  After leaving the house each morning at 7:30am (in hopes to get to work by 9am), it’s really exhausting at the end of the day (6:30pm ish while not in crunch time), and jump in the car for another hour plus commute.  If only the freeways moved this fast…

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During the winter break, and no school nights, we’ve been spending more time out and about during the “free time”.  The other night, we went to Chow… a restaurant in Lafayette.  It’s always crowded, and they have a small take home section to do a little shopping to bring some of the fresh items home for another time.  My Nephew was particularly interested…

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Not sure if this live action version of Angry Birds was really a ploy to launch plastic toys at Daddy …

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My girls are now 6 and 7 ( 1st and 2nd grade).  My 7 year old started to read last year.  I could sit and listen to her read ALL DAY.  There is truly nothing more astounding to me than the process of learning and learning to read.  I catch myself grinning from ear to ear as I watch her sound out words she doesn’t know.  It’s pretty great to watch her have those “lightbulb” moments when she sounds it out, and then figures it out.  Wow.   My younger one started to learn this year.  She is already reading past her level (as usual, to help keep up with her older (by 13 months) sister).   It is still really sweet though to read to your kids.  Watching them as they create the pictures in their head of the words you’re reading to them.  To this point in their lives (and mine), it’s my favorite thing to do with them.

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On Sunday, my family (and extended) family were able to go to Pixar to see a screening of Tin Tin prior to it’s release.   To the little ones, it’s just a fun place to see a movie, to the adults, it’s less about the movie, and more about the history behind the facility.  Each time I go to Pixar, I still marvel at the building.  Such a great feel with an incredible history to it.

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We are lucky to have a nice house with a large front yard.  The “negative” about it is that we are in a prominent location in our neighborhood , so there are expectations for the holiday decorations from the  ”un-appointed neighborhood judging committee”.  My wife is the true spirit of Christmas in our family, and she puts her sweat and muscle into it,  braving the freezing cold, to decorate our big tree in the front of our house.  She kept wanting my help, but I would reach for the camera instead because there were just so many photographs to get.   Needless today, without her , our tree would be quite bare, and we would be the outcasts of the region.

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Well, “Flag Football”.  My nephew had his next to last flag football game of the season on Sunday.  Although it ended in a loss, it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the local pro football teams today.  It gave me a chance to watch this little guy in action. . he’s fearless and wiry and quick.  It also gave me a chance, with some pretty cool skies out, to play with some of my off camera flash.  My youngest daughter wanted to be my photo assistant, and my other other one was doing her best to push the tackling sled… she didn’t budge it, but I applauded her effort.

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Who’s right and who’s wrong? My daughter has a project from school that is obviously beyond her 7 year old capabilities. Now, she can certainly “do” the project, but when other kids show up with suspiciously polished presentations (cough, *parents*, cough), do you help your child so as to compete with the other children? Or is it that we , as parents, are competing with other parents? So, is it wrong that the teachers assign projects that are too advanced, or is it wrong that we feel we need to make it great instead of letting our children complete it themselves even if it’s not going to look spectacular? All I can say is “Thank God” I (and my kids) have my wife. The project was to make a doll that reflects part of your heritage.  With my wife’s family from Portugal, she embarked in the “helping” of the doll creation. As you can see, she would pass 2nd grade with FLYING COLORS.  

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  I’ve shot too many weddings where people who are less than eloquent have been chosen to be “best men” or “maid’s of honor”. I suppose you can’t pick your friends based on their speaking ability, but it would come in handy when that moment comes that the spotlight is on them representing you on one of your most special days. The WORST is when someone who was not “appointed” decides that he or she is going to “honor” you by giving a speech of their own. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this, but I began to get so embarrassed, as if I was dropped in this room full of people completely naked.[singlepic id=160 w=320 h=240 float=right] I’ve actually caught myself looking through the lens, not surveying what else was going on in the room, not taking a single photo, as if to “hide” my giant body behind that little box that captures photographs. Maybe if I don’t move, or make a sound, nobody will see me. But wait, this isn’t about me. [singlepic id=159 w=320 h=240 float=left]Then the person giving the speech tries to be “funny”… it’s as if the guests were watching an execution. Like watching a car accident, I can’t seem to turn away … a little sick, a little scared, but so curious.  The introduction of “the joke” seems to be the sure sign that alcohol is involved. Then it hits me … (my inner voice) “my photographs don’t capture sound!”.  I have the benefit to shut this person’s mouth in the photographs that I deliver. If I can get a great image, I may actually be able to SAVE this person. It’s a huge challenge, but that’s part of the fun too (after the color comes back in my face).[singlepic id=161 w=320 h=240 float=right] Then there are those people, COMPLETE STRANGERS, that are so well spoken, so clever, and so heartfelt, that they move you to tears. I swear, there have been a handful of times (out of 100 + weddings) , where I have welled up from listening to this person I have met that day, and maybe had a few interactions with, move me so much, it makes me think about my own life. It’s an incredible skill, and the lucky Bride or Groom hit the toaster lottery. Here’s to the great toasters!    

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Didn’t we JUST put away all the Christmas decorations?

I know it’s an over-used phrase, but time flies so incredibly fast.

Tonight was the traditional tree trimming at the house.

The girls are getting much older now and are already sentimental about it.

They are remembering when they got various ornaments, or who gave them to each of them.

They also have very specific opinions of where everything should go.

Being Jew-“ish”, I didn’t have as many Christmas traditions, although, there might be “one”

ornament that’s geared towards me …

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They were completely lit up last night.

I don’t often go that way home, but was glad I did.


(don’t forget to click on the photo to see the whole thing)

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